Reader Reviews

Following are some reviews for The Little Guide to Big Changes:

  • "Every once in awhile you read something that has a profound impact on your life from an unexpected source. The Little Guide to Big Changes is a small book that is big on content and insightful thoughts. Sarah Collins manages to cut to the core of our daily existence in a beautifully written overview of life and human nature. She opens the door to personal reflection and how to better understand ourselves, and hopefully to live better, more rewarding lives. The book was an enjoyable read. The "take away" is a feeling of inner peace and knowing that we are all moving through life facing daunting challenges none of which are insurmountable as long as we remain open to change."
    Greg Wright
  • "Wow, what an inspiring read you have on your hands! This was amazing and I truly benefited from reading it! Riveting!"
    Heidi Arroyave
  • Sarah expresses life's truth clearly and intelligently. She presents to us a cookbook for personal spiritual growth, addressing complex concepts, organized so all of us can understand them. This is truly a great book, drawing on her life's work and written with incredible reverence for god and mankind.
    Neil I. Martin
  • "Good info and perspective in the chapters! Reading your book - I love it!"
    Stan Cohen
  • "The Little Guide to Big Changes teaches you how to make profound changes in your life by giving you guidance in easy to understand language with practical tools and tips threaded throughout the book. The exercises are simple and yet powerful. Sarah Collins uncovers the mysterious truths of the universe with such simple clarity and insight that it will open your heart and your mind so you can see your own Divinity. You will feel the healing wisdom in every page."
    Loann Simon
  • "I interviewed Sarah on my radio show and I was elated with her work. She has written a book that is concise, succinct and very easy to understand. In this day and age, where we are all running frantically and do not have enough time to do anything for ourselves, this book provides you what you need so you can have time for you and create a life that is positive, fulfilling and reflects who you are. If you are looking for something that will really help with making changes, this is it.
    My highest accolades to Sarah for a well written, timely and necessary work that everyone should read. It doesn't matter if you are just starting your journey or well along the way, this book will benefit you immensely. Thank you, Sarah!"
    T Love, Energy Awareness Radio

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