Upcoming Books & Ebooks

Summer 2014

Ebook - The Little Guide to Big Changes: 6 Steps to Creating Lasting, Positive Change in Your Life - (Non-fiction)

The Little Guide to Big Changes expresses with simplicity and ease six ageless methods for transforming your life. Eliminate those seemingly insurmountable hurdles holding you back from the life you desire and deserve. Starting today, put into practice even just one method offered in The Little Guide to Big Changes and watch positive changes come into your life. All you have to do is take action and watch your life transform in subtle ways. Before you know it, your life will be different. Begin today to unleash your positive potentials.

Autumn 2014

Ebook -  Soul Perception: Exploring the Nature of Reality, Love and Illusion Through Poetry -  (Poetry)

Ebook - Dangerously Delectable Desserts: Sweet Treats from Grandma's Kitchen - (Non-fiction)

Autumn 2014

Softcover - The Way of Balance: Journey of Transformation - (Non-fiction)

This book is about a new, revolutionary system of healing: Natural Force Healing®. This phenomenal work is the result of over 80 years of research and experience. It's sure to change how you view health and healing. Natural Force Healing® - transformation for the 21st century.

Winter 2015

In The Twinkling of an Eye - (Alternative fiction)

In the not too distant future, humanity is on the brink of the greatest crisis the world has seen in 12,000 years. One scientist holds the key to human survival. But will the world listen or be so distrusting and full of fear that collapse is imminent? Book 1 of a trilogy.

Autumn 2015

Softcover - Loss of Hope: The Hidden World of Suicide - (Non-fiction)

The truly last taboo, suicide comes out of the closet once and for all in this uplifting book aimed at people contemplating suicide and loved ones coping with the consequences of suicide in their lives. Not your traditional death and dying book, Loss of Hope explores the journey that takes a person to the brink of lost hope and how to reclaim it and why they should want to.

Autumn 2015

Softcover - Progress of the Heart: The Evolution of Love - (Non-fiction)

The evolution of love will be explored as it relates to reincarnation and personal spiritual evolution. What is love? And how does it add to our growth and character? How does it aid our spiritual growth? Humanity's evolution from a purely reincarnational perspective. (Non-fiction)

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