Wellness Expert

Wellness care today is about so much more than popping a pill to relieve pain (physical or emotional). It is about health for the whole person - physically, mentally/emotionally and spiritually.

Traditional medicine has made more inroads into the mental/emotional component of a human being in recent years, but the focus is still almost exclusively on the physical.

The problem with this model is that it doesn't take into account the entire person.

The system of healing preferred by Sarah is Natural Force Healing®, a revolutionary system of healing that looks at all three components of a person: physically, mentally & spiritually.

The developers of the work, Dr. Ken and Lisa Davis of Davis Advanced Health System (www.davisahs.com) have determined that the cause of an individual's problem being physically based only occurs 1% of the time! Mental or emotional causes account for 9% of the time and spiritually based causes are seen a whopping 90% of the time!

Wouldn't it be amazing if the medical establishment could comprehend this? It would totally revolutionize medical care around the globe.

Sarah is available for *Natural Force Healing® sessions by appointment. $85 per session. Call 973-919-9301 to schedule your appointment today!

Please visit this page for more information about Natural Force Healing®.

*Note: Sarah is fully certified in Advanced Energetic & Vibrational Healing (with Natural Force Healing® being the foundation). She was originally certified in 1999 and currently maintains the certification. Sarah has been doing this work for 17 years now!!