Natural Force Healing

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By any standard of healing, Natural Force Healing® (NFH) * is considered a revolutionary system of restoring health and well-being.

Natural Force Healing® challenges the conventional model of healing prevalent in our society. It offers a new approach to achieving and maintaining optimal health. Instead of focusing on symptoms, NFH addresses the cause of a person's imbalance layer by layer. It can result in profound healings.

This new path to wellness focuses on healing the whole person: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The techniques in this ground-breaking system are specific and not found in any other system, ancient or modern, and are used as a tool for opening up spiritual awareness. It is a vehicle for transforming your life. For the ultimate in healing your body, mind and spirit, nothing else comes close to Natural Force Healing®. It is many decades ahead of conventional medical thought.

NFH's unique perspective explains how all imbalance - physical, mental/emotional and spiritual - is the result of distortions in the Triune of Well-Being. When an angle is out of balance, an abnormal vibration results, creating distortions within the Triune. The effect is sickness, pain, depression, stress, confusion, lack of faith and a whole host of other 'symptoms'. NFH directs itself to the imbalances created over a person's lifetime by eliminating abnormal vibrations and restoring optimal health and wellness.

If you want to bring health and balance back into your life, NFH can take you on a truly remarkable journey of transformation. Watch what unfolds - you will be dazzled and delighted!

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* Dr. Kenneth Y. Davis and Lisa V. Davis are the co-founders/developers of Natural Force Healing®. Visit for more info.