Writer, award-winning author, & alternative health expert Sarah M. Collins

A Rough Timeline...

With a Master's degree in International Policy Studies (Int'l Economics concentration) from the Monterey institute of International Studies, and a BA in Oriental Studies from the University of Arizona, Sarah worked abroad in China and the San Francisco Bay Area in the '80's.

In China, she taught at a local university in Shanghai and also dabbled in Copyediting for a Chinese magazine.

In the Bay Area she worked in the Customhouse brokerage industry as well as for multinational importers.

Changing focus in the mid-90's, Sarah delved into the health and wellness arena following a life-altering healing session with Natural Force Healing®.

She was trained in several alternative health modalities: Cayce/Reilly massage, reflexology, Jin Shin Do® BodyMind Acupressure™, Natural Force Healing®, Cayce remedies and other techniques.

Over the years she has held various certifications in several holistic healthcare modalities as well as national certification. Today, she maintains certifications in Advanced Energetic & Vibrational Therapy (an outgrowth of Natural Force Healing®) and Jin Shin Do®.

Natural Force Healing® is her preferred system of healing as it goes to the cause of problems. For more info about this miraculous work, go here.

The Personal Development field is another area Sarah has extensive experience. **

An active interest in metaphysics has grown steadily since an early age and culminated in her first published book The Little Guide to Big Changes: 6 Steps to Creating Lasting, Positive Change in Your Life .

Her book is a recipient of the 2010 International Book Awards, winner in the Self-Help category and finalist in the spirituality (inspirational) category.

Today, Sarah's career spans three fields: Writing (including copywriting), Publishing and Alternative Healthcare.

She works in several writing mediums: non-fiction, fiction, poetry and even copywriting/editing.

Health & Wellness and Personal Growth are the preferred subjects for writing, excluding fiction. Alternative fiction best sums up her writing style here.

Sarah has done Copywriting since the late '90's and has been a member of AWAI (American Writer's and Artists, Inc.) since 2003. She is also a charter member of the Professional Writer's Alliance.

Sarah was the Natural Health columnist (2007 - 2011) for M.A.R.C.I., the magazine of the Holistic Mentorship Network, as well as the former Publishing Chair (2009 - 2010) for the organization.

For info about up and coming fiction and non-fiction works visit the upcoming books page.

And click here for more info about Sarah's passion alternative health.

To find out more about her copywriting and editing work, please visit CopyAccess.


** There is a direct correlation between healing and personal growth; these two areas are not contradictory.